Phones & Accessories 

This Comes In Either The White Or Black Background.


We Have Different Animal Prints, Such As, Leopard, Giraffe, Cheetah, And Zebra.  We Have All Colors In The Zebra Print.  We Even Have Rainbow Zebra!


 Real Otterboxes Are On Sale For $39.99, While All Other Accessories Are Buy One, Get One FREE!  The Real Otterbox Isn't Included On This Special.  (Otterbox Look Alike Is)

For Those Who Want The Same Protection As The Otterbox Without Paying To Much, We Offer The Otterbox Look Alikes For Both The IPhone 3g/3gs & 4.  It Still Has The Screen Protector And The Hard Shell That Snaps Around The Phone With The Rubber Piece On The Outside.  The Disadvantage Is That It Doesn't Come With The ClipHowever, We Do Provide It Seperately!  

 This Has The Leather Texture As Well.
It Comes In Every Color! 
We Carry Protective, Yet Decorative Covers!  This Design Has What We Call A Leather Texture.  It's Texture Makes It Easier To Grasp. Sometimes The Texture Is Referred To As The Rubbber, Yet Hard Cover.  Most Elder People Prefer This Type For Better Handling!

 This Is One Of The Most Popular Diamond Design.  We Have All Types And Designs Of Diamond Covers.  Some Have Different Styles, Like How The Front Is Designed.  From Peace Signs, Skulls, Zebra, And Pearls...We Have Them All, Plus Many More..

 Otterboxes Are Not Only Available For The iPhones.  We Have Them For The Droid X, Different BlackBerry Phones, HTC Evo, And We Can Special Order For Any Phone That We Don't Have It For, If It Is Available. 


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